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Method to Clean Fake Jewelry

por Aundrea Standish (2018-07-24)

It has been noticed that it is quite and rather tricky to clean fake credit card numbers and artificial jewelry because an individual might not know the exact and accurate composition of that jewelry and therefore cannot clean it in a proper way and manner to restore its shine. On the other hand, individuals do not want to take their jewelry to the jeweler because they do no not want to spend that much high cost only to clean up their fake jewelry. Individuals like us are in need of such kind of methods and procedures that will be telling them to clean their fake and artificial jewelry in a best possible way. This particular piece of writing will be telling the readers two comprehensive and precise methods named by detergent method and vinegar and baking soda method. Starting with the detergent method, an individual first has to make a solution by mixing dish washing detergent along with a warm glass of water. It is recommended and suggested not to use hot water.

After making the solution, an individual then has to dip the tooth brush into that solution. Start brushing your fake and artificial jewelry with the help of tooth brush. Make sure that you try your level best to loosen up the dirt and other dust particles from your jewelry in a best way. Right after loosening up the dirt particles, wash your jewelry fully and completely with water. Make use of hair dryer so that jewelry can be dried up instantly. Do not use towel because towel will not be able to give us complete assurance that whether jewelry has been dried up completely or not! So this was all! This simple homemade detergent method will surely clean up your jewelry in less span of time. Next we have vinegar and baking soda method that will surely be cleaning and polishing up our artificial jewelry. For this, an individual has to make a vinegar solution and place her jewelry into that vinegar solution.

Allow the jewelry to remain there in that vinegar solution for a couple of seconds. After taking out the jewelry from the solution, take a tooth brush and put small amount of baking soda on to it! Start rubbing that baking soda against your jewelry pieces. After rubbing, rinse and wash then thoroughly. In the very last step, when an individual will be drying up the jewelry, then she has to make sure that the pearls are not been loosened up! Because at times pearls and other stones might get loosen up while rinsing and washing. This is all the end of the process! Hence, we can say that, the above mentioned two methods are quite and rather informative and they will surely be cleaning up the fake and artificial jewelry pieces without putting any kind of effort and attempt. It is recommended that an individual should make use of the above mentioned methods at least twice a month so that her jewelry might retain that shine and spark for longer duration.